Drumming up business:

Repairing kits of vintage brands

By JARRET LIOTTA He Helps the Beat Go On

Yes, they are the simplest. most primitive instruments in man's musical repertoire. But what sounds they make.

Drums come in all shapes and sizes, and Barry Urich repairs them all.

Having spotted a gap in the market, about 25 years ago Urich began buying used drums, reconditioning them and selling them for reasonable prices.

But his restored drums have been purchased and played all over Fairfield County. And thanks to music stores throughout the area, he has maintained a steady stream of customers seeking a reasonable alternative to new equipment.

"I'm the only one around buying drum sets, reconditioning and selling them again." said Urich, whose enthusiasm for drums and drum music is evident.

Barry Playing

Not only are five or six complete sets housed in his studio at any one time, but even the decor of his living room reflects his passion.

He shows visitors his coffee table made of a giant marching bass drum, as well as drum lamps. Myriad drums and percussion instruments are scattered about the house - congas, bongos, tambourines and more.

"When I was a kid I played on everything," he said, prior to owning his first set. "I played on the couch;" as well as his own leg when the furniture wasn't handy.

Urich, who learned about repair through trial and error, is a great advocate of drums as an outlet for children.

"It's something to hit, something to get all their energy out with," he said.